Android 10 (Go Edition) With Faster Interface, Higher Security Announced, Launching in Phones 2019

Google has unveiled an updated version of its Android (Go Edition) mobile operating system for entry-level phones based on Android 10.

Christoid Android 10 (Go Edition), the latest iteration of Android (Go Edition) claims to provide a more fluid multitasking experience, all while making the entire user experience more reliable and faster.

Google claims to carry the security aspect in Android 10 (Go Edition) in such a way that the performance of the devices is not affected.

 Android 10 (Go Edition) will be out this fall, but there is no word about the brands that will launch the first wave of Android 10 (Go Edition) phones.

Android 10 (Go Edition) With Faster Interface, Higher Security Announced, Launching

Android 10 (Go Edition) With Faster Interface, Higher Security Announced, Launching

Sagar Kamdar, Director of Product Management (Android) at Google, wrote in a blog post that Android 10 (Go Edition) aims to further improve the experience for entry-level phone users.

 It is claimed to be faster than its previous iteration based on Android Pie, and will let users switch between apps at a faster speed and in a more memory-efficient way. In particular, Google claims that app launch speed has increased 10 percent with Android 10 (Go version).

Google has also mentioned that Android 10 (Go Edition) employs Addientum, a new encryption format that is tailor-made for entry-level devices to secure their data without affecting device performance. .

To recall, Addientum was introduced earlier this year as a special encryption method for entry-level smartphones.

It was designed to make storage encryption more efficient for devices without cryptographic acceleration, meaning that it does not require special hardware and, as a result, stress on the silicon inside a phone running Android 10 (Go version) Will not produce Google claims that the advent of Addientum brings Android 10 (Go version) on par with the standard Android operating system for data security.

As noted above, the Android 10-based version of Android (Go version) will come in the fall. Google also avoided some of the unique features and applications of the Android Go version, such as reading out loud to listen to longer text content, lenses in the Google Go app,

YouTube Go, and Gallery Go as some of the solutions Android enhances the experience on entry-level phones in a meaningful way.

Google claims that so far, more than 500 manufacturers have launched more than 1,600 Android Go-powered phones in 180+ countries within the last 18 months.

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